Digital coupons at Kroger

I just got done taking the Kroger Feedback survey so I would get 50 bonus fuel points. during the survey they questioned me on how I like the digital coupons and this was my answer. “Digital coupons are a pain in the neck. It’s also unfair to those who need to save the most money, but can’t afford a smart phone! Just lower your prices and bring back double off coupons along with your digital savings to make it fair for everyone!” They won’t like it but so what!

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Purim is not Halloween

Call me old fashioned that is fine with me, because I am old (69)!  When I was a kid and when my kids were young, Purim time was a time to get creative for the festival. Queen Esther was a go to dress-up for girls and a king for boys!  Kids were Hamantaschen and Noah and Moses! When all this changed is beyond me, it is not a time for the likes of unreligious costumes that have nothing to do with the holiday we celebrate. Now don’t all of you get your panties in a bunch! I have my own mind-set on all these types of issues and all different religions! But this entry is just about Purim not being Halloween. Stay tuned for other thoughts on Passover, like it is also the perfect timing for Spring House cleaning! And how does a Rabbi who has been dead decades still oversee the making of Kosher for Passover foods? Interesting stuff! I’m just sayin……………………………….!!!!!

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Stupid people make stupid comments!

This is real time, happening as I type this.

This A.M. on GMA, (Good Morning America) Warning issued for tourist destination; apparent explosive device found on Mexican ferry.

To which I replied, “Another reason not to visit Mexico! Keeping my $$$ in the U.S. going to Hawaii!” Below is a copy of the comments that were made.

Nobody wants you there, I’m glad you’re not going to contaminate such beautiful country!

Me: You are having some anger issues, seek help now before you explode like the boat!

Judy Rosenberg Hansen or explode like you lol

Judy Rosenberg Hansen good Hawaii is boring af probably like your life !! Viva Mexico!!!!

David Emmanuel Granja you are very wrong about my life, you don’t know me! You are entitled to your opinion as am I. Sad days when a comment is turned into personal attacks!  “Judy Rosenberg Hansen nahhh !!!! Your life seems bored !! Travel more and enjoy more culture not your mexican food or Taco bell lol, to which I said, “David Emmanuel Granja you are young so I will forgive your stupid remark. Again, you do not know what my life is like. Only thing we can agree on is liking the Occupy Democrats!”

Yet another comment, they keep coming. This one by Patty Kothrade, ” Did you know that you could go anywhere in the United States and maybe be attack by a terrorist?
I’m assuming you’ve never been to Mexico and that’s why you are thinking that Hawaii is similar.
Get a book, travel more, research more and maybe, just maybe you’re gonna leve behind such narrow minded person you are right now!” 

Patty T. Kothrade, Making a wrong assumption, I have been to Mexico, I never said Hawaii is similar! Why do you think name calling is OK?

This is likely to go on for some time, but you get the drift of this entry! A rush to judgement on so many fronts! It’s no wonder the state of the world is so angry and hurt!

So, please be kind to one another, hug your pets, and move on, don’t be mean and nasty to those you don’t know! Thanks!

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Politics and Celebrities

1st came Ronald Reagan, then along the way we have had celebrities like Sonny Bono, Clint Eastwood and so many more! They did well because they had Fame and Popularity! They had a multitude of venues in which to get their message out to the public. Talk shows like The Mike Douglas Show to late night TV, like Johnny Carson!  You already knew their name and face so it was easy to remember them. Not so much with politicians who were new on the scene. I am staying away from the current celebrities who now hold an office of any kind! I didn’t want this to be about bashing the POTUS! Did you know that “the earliest recorded use any variant of –OTUS is from 1879, when SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) appeared in a book titled The Phillips Telegraphic Code for the Rapid Transmission by Telegraph,” as reported in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary? I like the last sentence, “Time will tell if additional –OTUS words continue to join our language.” See, we can still learn something new in todays day and age even at our advanced years! I keep thinking the next celebrity I could vote for is Jon Bon-Jovi! I’m just sayin……………..!

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Hostile Takeover: State law allows investors to take homes

The following was reported by AZ.15. from Courtney Holmes and Joe Ducey. This is so wrong on every level! Please read and educate yourself as to whether this could happen in your state!

PHOENIX – When you buy a home, the expectation is that it’s yours, unless you decide to sell or it goes into foreclosure.

But if you own a condo in Arizona, there is a law that allows investors to push you out of your own home.

Condo owner Courtney Hoogervorst is finding that out first hand.

“It was always my dream to buy my first home in cash,” she says.

And the 26-year-old did in October 2016. She paid $93,000 cash for her condo at Solstice Arcadia in Phoenix.

“I was planning on keeping this house forever,” she says.

Her neighbor Charlie Segovia had no plans of selling either. In 2009 he was hit by a truck and left in a coma for several days. He used the $20,000 from that settlement to buy his condo in 2010.

“My dad would have been proud that ‘Charles you actually bought a place,'” he says.

It’s a place that the 69-year-old could afford with his $800 social security check.

“I thought I was set,” he says.

And he was. Until he and his neighbors got a letter saying their complex was being sold, and they had 60 days to get out.

Hoogervorst was shocked. “This can’t be right I own this condo, I paid cash.”

It happens more often than you think. We’ve spoken to homeowners around the Valley who were hit with same news in 2015 and 2016.

In March 2016 condo owners in the Jamestown complex let us know they were being forced to sell their homes.

We found it is the same group that is forcing Hoorgervorst and Segovia out of their homes now.

What they didn’t know is that the local investment group was quietly snatching up enough units to take over their condo association.

It’s called condominium termination and it is perfectly legal. State law allows any condo association to disband and sell if 80 percent of the owners agree.

County records show that an investor named Travis Karl and his investment group recently got control of enough units so that they could become the 80 percent holder.

The way the law is written, everyone else has to sell, whether they want to or not.

Owners are supposed to be paid “fair market value” which is to be determined by an independent appraiser. And the association—or in this case the investors—hires the appraiser of their choice.

Segovia says his unit is valued at $60,000.

Courtney says with improvements, she’s spent at least $108,000. She was offered $95,000.

Both say the numbers aren’t nearly enough to buy them a comparable home. It also doesn’t account for the additional money they will have to spend on moving, first, last month’s rent and deposits or the cost of having to carry a mortgage if they are able to even find a place they can afford.

They say there is nothing fair about it.

“They’re treating us just like unit numbers, not like real people that have lives that matter,” Hoogervorst says.

Investors are able to do this because state law says so.  That means state lawmakers are the only ones that can make the change, so find your representative!

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Pharmaceuticals Companies rip us off.

Once again these Pharmaceutical Companies reach into our wallets and steal our hard earned money! Again today, I was given a script for a cream, I went to pick it up at the store and was told after my Insurance paid their share $325.00, my share is $400.00! WTH! Are you joking, because I see nothing funny about it! It was just 3 months ago I had another case of rip off meds. Read about it over at this link! Well, no way was I going to pay for this, because the Pharmacist told me I could take it in pill form for so much less! So began the phone calls back and forth between the Pharmacist, the Doctor and me! In a few short hours I was back the store for my pills. As I approached the counter holding my breath to learn the amount, are you ready for this, my share 16 cents, the insurance paid $6.33. Lets add this up, shall we $725.00 for a 1 oz. tube verses $6.49 for 15 pills! Bernie Sanders has been vocal on the issue for years, read about his 5 ways to help with this problem. If your illness doesn’t make you sick enough, this rip-off will!

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Bus Stop Shelters Needed Now

I’m driving in my warm car when I saw 4 people standing out in the cold at the bus stop! My thoughts went immediately to thinking, why is there no shelter for them? Our local Bus service keeps wanting more tax dollars from the public, but never gives back in the form of new services! I often wonder when I see them advertise on TV, why do they need to spend money when there is no competition? They are the only bus service in town, a lone wolf if you will! So, TARTA, why not use those funds and put up shelters? I was happy to see shelters in Mesa, AZ. to protect riders from extreme heat, well here it is extreme cold and no shelters. Ask the tax-payers for more money again, it’s a NO VOTE from me!

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