Great idea-already taken!

At lunch today, was a group of former employees from a government agency! I was there with my husband as a guest! So the conversation got around to plastic straws and how harmful they are to the environment. It was then I had a brilliant idea, lets ban all straws that are not biodegradable and while we’re at it make them edible! So, I came home full of myself for such a great idea, I googled it and this is what I found! Guess I wasn’t the only one with a brilliant idea! Now, all we need to do is get all fast food places and all carry-outs and all restaurants to join in this effort to save our planet! Please do your part in helping get the word out and refuse to use the straws that are harmful. I thank you! I’m just sayin…………………………………!!!!!!!!

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Thrift Store hints and more!

Every now and again you just happen to run across a story that makes you go WOW, I didn’t know that! That is what just happened about the story on thrift stores! What made me bust out laughing is this comment “every piece of clothing is checked thoroughly and anything that’s overtly dirty, worn, or holey gets thrown away.” OMG, holey, surely the holes must be in the wrong places. You can own these new jeans for only $225.00!

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All about tongues………and more!

According to Psychology the gesture of sticking out one’s tongue can have multiple meanings. It can be an act of rudeness, disgust, playfulness, or outright sexual provocation! From being cute as a baby, to not so cute as a toddler, to totally rude as a teenager, we are told not to do this! Then we get into our senior years and they want us to stick out our tongues for our health? OMG, what is next? This is serious stuff, not to be made light of! The symptom of tongue deviation in stroke patients has been observed from ancient to modern times. Many people may recognize the more common symptoms of a stroke, such as slurred speech or paralysis of one side of the body; however, fewer are familiar with tongue deviation. What if you stick out your tongue and it curls up? It turns out that no one really knows why some of us can roll our tongues and some can’t, but experts say heredity probably isn’t the key. So this is no time for a tongue-in-cheek comment! I remember when all we had to do was remember to ask someone to smile.

So whether it is a smile or sticking your tongue out, just do it, it could save your life someday!

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Passover time!

It not just about the special foods, ok, it is a huge part of the holiday. The actual Seder meal is also quite variable. Traditions among Ashkenazi Jews generally include gefilte fish (poached fish dumplings), matzo ball soup, brisket or roast chicken, potato kugel (somewhat like a casserole) and tzimmes, a stew of carrots and prunes, sometimes including potatoes or sweet potatoes. Eggs in salt water, Haroset: A mixture of apple, nuts and wine that represents the mortar and bricks used by the enslaved Jews, and most important for your health is compote, a mixture of chunky fruit that is stewed in juices with sugar and flavorings and served warm or chilled. Every morning my Mother would make us Matzo meal pancakes. We ate fried matzo for lunches often! We didn’t have any dairy products during passover, my goodness, how times have changed! So, however you celebrate this holiday, I hope and pray for it to be a good one for you! May the wine we drink, the food we eat, and the stories we tell, remind us of who we have been and who we are now.

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Digital coupons at Kroger

I just got done taking the Kroger Feedback survey so I would get 50 bonus fuel points. during the survey they questioned me on how I like the digital coupons and this was my answer. “Digital coupons are a pain in the neck. It’s also unfair to those who need to save the most money, but can’t afford a smart phone! Just lower your prices and bring back double off coupons along with your digital savings to make it fair for everyone!” They won’t like it but so what!

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Purim is not Halloween

Call me old fashioned that is fine with me, because I am old (69)!  When I was a kid and when my kids were young, Purim time was a time to get creative for the festival. Queen Esther was a go to dress-up for girls and a king for boys!  Kids were Hamantaschen and Noah and Moses! When all this changed is beyond me, it is not a time for the likes of unreligious costumes that have nothing to do with the holiday we celebrate. Now don’t all of you get your panties in a bunch! I have my own mind-set on all these types of issues and all different religions! But this entry is just about Purim not being Halloween. Stay tuned for other thoughts on Passover, like it is also the perfect timing for Spring House cleaning! And how does a Rabbi who has been dead decades still oversee the making of Kosher for Passover foods? Interesting stuff! I’m just sayin……………………………….!!!!!

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Stupid people make stupid comments!

This is real time, happening as I type this.

This A.M. on GMA, (Good Morning America) Warning issued for tourist destination; apparent explosive device found on Mexican ferry.

To which I replied, “Another reason not to visit Mexico! Keeping my $$$ in the U.S. going to Hawaii!” Below is a copy of the comments that were made.

Nobody wants you there, I’m glad you’re not going to contaminate such beautiful country!

Me: You are having some anger issues, seek help now before you explode like the boat!

Judy Rosenberg Hansen or explode like you lol

Judy Rosenberg Hansen good Hawaii is boring af probably like your life !! Viva Mexico!!!!

David Emmanuel Granja you are very wrong about my life, you don’t know me! You are entitled to your opinion as am I. Sad days when a comment is turned into personal attacks!  “Judy Rosenberg Hansen nahhh !!!! Your life seems bored !! Travel more and enjoy more culture not your mexican food or Taco bell lol, to which I said, “David Emmanuel Granja you are young so I will forgive your stupid remark. Again, you do not know what my life is like. Only thing we can agree on is liking the Occupy Democrats!”

Yet another comment, they keep coming. This one by Patty Kothrade, ” Did you know that you could go anywhere in the United States and maybe be attack by a terrorist?
I’m assuming you’ve never been to Mexico and that’s why you are thinking that Hawaii is similar.
Get a book, travel more, research more and maybe, just maybe you’re gonna leve behind such narrow minded person you are right now!” 

Patty T. Kothrade, Making a wrong assumption, I have been to Mexico, I never said Hawaii is similar! Why do you think name calling is OK?

This is likely to go on for some time, but you get the drift of this entry! A rush to judgement on so many fronts! It’s no wonder the state of the world is so angry and hurt!

So, please be kind to one another, hug your pets, and move on, don’t be mean and nasty to those you don’t know! Thanks!

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