What the heck is that you are asking? It is an organism in a partnership with another such that each profits from their being together. Just like in the TV show Stargate SG-1.  Teal’c  carries an infant symbiote in his belly pouch that serves as an incubator for a larval Goa’uld!

So why is this of interest to me? Because for some time now I have said it feels like a Symbiote has taken up space in my upper belly area! Just under my right breast near the middle! It usually comes alive after eating but not always. Sometimes it hurts but mostly it just feels like something moving inside me! Everything I found on a search says it could be related to the heart. I’ve told my Doctor about and we are experimenting with some different meds! Next will be a blood test before I see him the next time! I sure hope we can get this thing under control!

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Pharmaceuticals Ripoff

Give you the facts, you say, just the facts Madame! OK!

Fact #1 – 1 tube of cream costs $1.25

Fact #2 – 1 tube of cream costs $0.79

Fact #3 – 1 tube if combined costs $112.00

In what world do these people think that is OK?

I’m talking about Qualitest Pharmaceuticals out of Huntsville, AL. 35811 which by the way is now Endo Pharmaceuticals!

It’s no wonder we have no faith in Pharmaceutical Companies and Insurance Companies! I’m just tongue tied-too upset to get all my thoughts in order! This is just wrong on every level!

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What does the word passion mean, strong and barely controllable emotion, that’s what! So, what are you passionate about? I have many things I am passionate about, as this blog will attest to! In this moment, I am passionate about living my life in the moment! You see, three days ago I became 69 years old! As I entered my final year in the decade of the 60’s, I had my Ah-Ha moment! This may sound vain, but I look in the mirror and I do not see a 69-year-old face looking back at me! As I am in my moment, just now I heard this come on the television!  Have you had your Ah-Ha moment today?Don't waste your time looking back at what you've lost. Move on, life is not meant to be traveled backwards.

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Trump or Hitler Photo on Facebook!

Ronnie, I respect your right to your political opinions that are not of the same perspective as those of mine or of those of my wife, Judy Hansen. Neither Judy nor I have ever attacked you personally or belittled you or disrespected you.
I find it appalling that you do not show us the same respect as we have shown you.
I am extremely disappointed and very irritated by your post on Judy’s Facebook wall in which you wrote:

“Judy I find this post disgusting, morbid, and I am sure you forgot about the millions of millions of our people who were slaughtered by the ideology of this maniac. I am ashamed of your loose tongue and disconnected brain.”

Shame on you for belittling my wife!

Thank you to my husband for coming to my defense!

I had to bite my tongue for 8 years of the bashing of the former President because I had a connected brain that held my tongue in check. To all those who now have a problem with what I had to deal with, get ready for 3 1/2 more years of it! Why shouldn’t I call a spade a spade, or a heart a heart, or a bad man what he is? My opinion is just that, mine!

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“Make It Count”

Mother of Charlottesville victim Heather Heyer: “They tried to kill my child to shut her up, well guess what, you just magnified her….say to yourself ‘What can I do to make a difference?’ And that’s how you’re going to make my child’s death worthwhile. I’d rather have my child but by golly if I gotta give her up we’re gonna make it count.”

Make it count, the next time you vote!

Make it count, stand up for what’s right!

Make it count, stop defending Trump!

Make it right, say it like U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders did, “It is not asking very much to have president who sees neo-Nazis marching and says, “This is disgusting. This is ugly and I condemn it, absolutely.”

I was going to keep this Make it Count going, but you get the message by now! I was going to link to Jimmie Kimmel but you know how to find it! I don’t want any links to take away from the reason we need to make it count and that is Heather Heyer! Remember her name, she was a compassionate believer in justice and equality, keep her spirit alive.

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When You See the Police Car!

If a police car is following you with its siren blaring or emergency lights flashing, pull over to the right quickly (but safely) and come to a complete stop in a safe place. Pull over as far to the right as possible, so that the officer won’t have to worry about being clipped by vehicles in the right lane when coming up to your window. I took this information from

This blog is a shout out to my local Toledo Police Department who has been sited by me as the cause of incorrect stopping of vehicles to issue a warning or ticket. Just today I witnessed a stop where they were almost rear ended because of where they were stopped on the street. This happened on Telegraph Road at 4:30 p.m.  today. There was a business driveway they could have pulled into!

I really wanted to stop and ask the officer what in the world was he thinking, but fear of being shot at was greater than my quest for an answer! So here we go, this is their opportunity to address this issue. Anyone think I will get an answer?

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K Mart Rip-off store closing sale!

So we go to our K Mart that is scheduled to close. Big signs show 10-30% off! OK, that would be off the MSRP ticket. They raised all the prices to take the % off deduction. I found a pair of shoes that was on sale for $11.99, they forgot to remove the sticker, but was now the regular price of $19.99. So at the %-off it would have been $2.00 more than the sale price! Everything was over priced, do not be fooled. The % off is not off the lowest ticketed price, nothing was marked down! I thought I would be sad to see K Mart close, not true after today. RIP K Mart, so sad to end your run this way!

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