Apartment living gone bad! King’s Pointe Senior Apartments.

This new 55+ apartment community, King’s Pointe Senior Apartments in Sylvania, Ohio, that my husband and I moved into just less than two months ago has become the worst move we could have made! From the onset, King’s Pointe Senior Apartments Property Manager, Emily Dunlap has decided to run the place as a dictator! She makes up rules as she wants, with no real thought! For example, Emily Dunlap posted a hand-written unsigned note on the community room bulletin board that said all postings MUST be office approved! Where is that in my lease? I had posted a notice on the community room bulletin board stating, “Time to have some fun! Thursday July 25  1:00 p.m. Creative Coloring for Adults. Supplies will be available.” along with a page from my coloring book.  Well, that note and page from my book was taken down. I went to the office to report that my notice was removed from the community bulletin board. That was when Ms. Emily Dunlap told me she took it down because she hadn’t approved it. I asked her for it back, she returned it and said I could post it back up, I had her approval! REALLY!!!! So, I posted a new sign announcing I would be doing this every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. I didn’t think it needed another stamp of approval. But this morning, July 29 2019, my note and page was again taken down! I was attending a meeting held by the Activity Directors in the community room when Ms. Emily Dunlap came in and  summoned me to her office!  I asked her why my notice for coloring was removed again? She claimed I didn’t get her prior approval before posting the notice. To which I said, she had already given me her approval! She then told me I would have to schedule this activity with the activity directors first!

King’s Pointe Senior Apartments Property Manager Emily Dunlap then switched topics and began speaking to me in a confrontational manner about my husband. She very strongly stated that I should go home and ask my husband about being caught on tape! I said no, you tell me what you are talking about! She claimed Roland was caught on tape and she alleged he was impersonating a Police Officer!

I was then rudely informed by King’s Pointe Senior Apartments Property Manager Emily Dunlap that we (Roland and I) are not to post anything on any board without her approval! Miss Dunlap further proclaimed that I am not allowed to have any on-site social activities with other residents of King’s Pointe Senior Apartments unless I first clear such activities with her and the activity directors. Consequently, my previously approved adult coloring posting got unapproved.

I’d be curious to know if the Clover Group has these same rules and regulations for all their 55+ senior communities? Do the Property Managers have the permission of the parent company to operate as they want? Where is the oversight for these communities?


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Palm Sunday

We all have different memories about what this day means to us. This is the religious meaning; “people from every nation raise palm branches to honor Jesus (Revelation 7:9). Palm Sunday commemorates the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1–9), when palm branches were placed in his path, before his arrest on Holy Thursday and his crucifixion on Good Friday,” according to a Google search! I don’t know what version of what Bible they used!

Now, that being cleared up for everyone I will move on to what it means for this Jewish lady! Yes, I did just refer to myself as a lady! You can stop laughing, I can hear you saying ‘she’s a lady” Here is what I know about Palm Sunday 1965, take a look see for yourself!  Fast forward from 1965 to 2019 and today being Sunday, it is raining, heavy winds expected, temps only getting up to 43 degrees! Putting the years in perspective, it happened 54 years ago, I was 16 years old. 54 years before 1965 was 1911, WHAT, 1911 was like unimangable. Much like 1965 is to a 16 year old today!

I for one will hunker down in my house, cook and maybe even bake something for the upcoming holiday of Passover. My friend and former neighbor Peggy was always excited when I would have her over for dinner during Passover. I make Matzo Balls and Chicken Soup all year and will take some to her tomorrow.

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Kudos to Costco

I give kudos when they are warranted and this time my kudos go to Costco! Both locally here in Toledo, Ohio and at the Corporate Office in Issaquah, WA. I am so pleased with the treatment I received and in a timely manner. Here is my story, in the hopes I can share some useful information that might one day help others. It all started with a prescription sent to Kroger. Let me first say how I HATE not getting a paper script from a Doctor, but that is another story for another post! I go to Kroger to get my script and to learn my Insurance won’t cover it, $108.00 and I was in shock. But it was just a tiny tube of ointment for god sake! And to top it off, the label said it was good for 1 week! OMG, I’m going to the poor house, this is not a one time script, I have to be on this all the rest of the days of my life!!! Oh, woe is me, shut up and pay this money, but hold on a minute! My  Pharmacist came over to talk with me, and said he would try to help me. He did try and in the end got in trouble with his big bosses for doing so. I also contacted Kroger Headquarters and got no place. Not even a give a shit customer loyalty lets try and make this better. Next stop Costco, to see what they would charge me for this, $21.66 YES that is correct!!!! No help from the Insurance either! I threw another hissy fit and vowed to get out how this is possible. Our Government and the Big Pharmaceuticals Companies set prices for citizens with Insurance and those without. So if you have no insurance at all of any kind, the amount Costco would charge for my script is $15.21. I decided to see how far up the Corporate ladder I could go at Costco. To my delight I got up to the Vice President of the Pharmaceutical Dept. Kudos to Vic. He said he would look into this for me and call me back. He did just what he said he would do, in only a few days. And, they are happy to help this loyal Costco shopper out, making it right by me! So Kudos to Matt at Kroger and Kudos to Kevin and Vic at Costco. You guys ROCK!

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One Legal Age!!!!!

Enlistment in the United States military is 17 (with parental consent) and 18 (without parental consent). Age to drink is 21! Here is what the 26th Amendment is all about!  “Old enough to fight, old enough to vote.” Old enough to vote, old enough to drink?” Nope, that is not true! Maybe it should be, makes sense to me! There are different ages for so many different acts of adulthood. When you can drive, smoke, drink, gamble, vote, get married, age of consent, Drink wine/beer with a meal if accompanied by someone over 18, Get a National Insurance number, join a trade union. And on and on it goes, state by state. I want a UNITED STATES of LEGAL AGE! Take your pick, as for me I want it to be 18!

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Facebook Commentary

The Commentary that isn’t, but is directly on my page. Let’s see who will read this! Here goes, I have been very upset by the lack of my 349 so-called friends here not responding to me. Facebook has played its cards well, getting us to believe we can’t live without it! We judge our friendships by Likes and hearts and wow’s! Thinking back to life before Facebook, we took the time to contact each other via other methods, text, phone, email, etc. I had a lot more interaction befor Facebook. Friendships change and evolve over time, I get that! And not everyone has time to look at all the post made by hundreds or thousands of “friends”! So I have concluded that while I would love for more of my “friends” here to comments on my posts, I will not let Facebook rule my emoji’s anymore! My posts are for my memories not yours, happy thoughts only from me to you!

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Ponder This……….Got it?

So I saw this and it set my mind to thinking, how true this is! Have you ever needed a pro athlete, a media personality or an entertainer for anything? Learning you have a rare condition puts a whole new meaning on life! What is really needed and important to daily living! I need and want family around. Ellen Degeneres with all that money she gives away would not help me! A pro athlete may be able to kick some butt on the field, but they can’t kick what I have! I need to join NORD https://rarediseases.org/

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Bust out this idea!

Use all seized cash from drug busts to fund the wall. In a sense, this is Mexico paying for it. Done.
You’re welcome.

Did you ever think about where all that money goes from the BIG drug busts? And where are the drugs from these busts? Who is in charge of the stash of drugs? These questions are most likely questions you didn’t even think to question! But think about it and then see if you agree that the drug money is the perfect source of funding to build the wall!Here is one answer, “The cash, as well as money from seized assets, are deposited into an asset forfeiture fund at the Department of Justice or the Department of Treasury, depending on the agency making the bust.” I would like to know how much money is in this asset forfeiture fund? Yep, drug money from Mexico could pay for the wall, or maybe it should fund a national health care system?

I’m just sayin!!!!!

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