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The Man Bag

Calling all real men, the time has come for you to get rid of all those bulges in your pants pockets (except for one), and carry a “man bag“. Straight from the hottest runways in Europe, a mens handbag is … Continue reading

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Todays Grandparents

Todays grandparents aren’t the kind that sit on the porch in rocking chairs watching the world go by. Being a grandparents of nine grandkids ages 4-15, I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about the topic at hand. According to Jimmy Magahern, a writer … Continue reading

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Frustrated and Fuming?

A good complaint letter can calm you down and get the results you want. I learned of this many years ago when I happen to come across an article in a Readers Digest magazine. Ellen Phillips, founder of Ellen’s Poison Pen, … Continue reading

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