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BAX Global

BAX Global announces it will close its Toledo Express facilities. Could this be the result of No More Tax Abatements for them? After all, they moved here when previous abatements ran out! I decided to visit the TMACOG site and see what … Continue reading

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Champion Window List

I was cleaning out some old files this morning when I came upon the folder given to me when I was getting bids for new windows last year. In the folder packet, Champion Windows included a computer generated report of … Continue reading

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Evil Dick Quits Big Brother

Wow, Evil Dick is gone and he quit at that. If you care to read about it, I suggest you Zap2it! According to the spoiler on Morty’s TV Daniele gets to stay, and with a “Golden Key.” All Daniele was told … Continue reading

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Mall Foreclosure of Northtowne

Back on April 13th, 2010, I made a Judy’s Jewels entry about Northtowne Mall. A letter was sent out to the owner in Feb. of 2010! Where is the foreclosure letter from the Treasurer’s office that was to be sent? Has Mr. … Continue reading

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