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Passover Specials

While reading the Jewish News of Greater Phoenix online, I clicked on the page for the Passover Planner. As I scrolled down the pages, I came across a Fry’s Ad of Passover Specials. Wow, was my first thought, 5 lbs. … Continue reading

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2 Cents Worth

Here is my 2 cents comment; This is all due to a comment made by Fred at SwampBubbles and since I won’t comment over there, I thought I would do it here! This was started as a result of a … Continue reading

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Peyton Manning Tip of the Day!

Peyton Manning earns BIG BUCKS, so what is a normal tip from him, is not normal for the rest of us who don’t make Millions! Should the server who posted this receipt have been fired, YES, is my opinion! What … Continue reading

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Boycott, Rush Limbaugh, Advertisers

I will not buy your products if you continue to support racist, homophobic, misogynistic talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh! While I respect your right to spend your advertising dollars where you wish, it is my right to spend … Continue reading

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Szcekociny, Poland

I was very surprised this morning when I checked my other blog, Judy’s Jewels and found out that people from Sweden, Slovakia, France and the Netherlands had visited my blog entry. What was of interest to them was my entry … Continue reading

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