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U.S. Post Office doesn’t deliver………..

I could not believe my eyes while reading this sign on the door of a Post Office here in Toledo, Ohio. Are you serious, closed for lunch! Let’s review the situation of our Postal system in Toledo. They closed our … Continue reading

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month!

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a photograph of bare-chested women who have had breast cancer surgery. It reminded me about one remarkable lady I met a very long time ago. She was my mother’s room-mate in the hospital. … Continue reading

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Mental Health, Guns, Mass Killings

Doesn’t anyone but me see what is happening to our world? Folks with mental illness are living on their own because the hospitals that helped them are closed. The NRA wants every Tom, Dick and Harry to own a firearm! … Continue reading

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Public Service Announcement, Medical Codes times 10

So a Doctor friend of mine on Facebook posted this message, “ICD-10 goes live today. This is not gonna be fun.” And I’m like WTH is she taking about, so I did what we all do now,  I Googled it. … Continue reading

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