Hair Color + Eye Goggles

Now that may sound like a very odd pairing, but I think I just invented something. I bought hair-color the other day and colored my hair yesterday! My new color was not what the box said it would be, hence, a call to the company to let them know what happened! As we were talking, I told the nice young lady on the phone about my idea. Now, what do you think of it? If every box of hair dye can come with those disposable gloves, why don’t they include disposable self-adhesive eye goggles to protect your eyes while rinsing the color out of your hair! Not everyone has someone to help them so they can cover their eyes while getting it rinsed! Come on Garnier, l’Oreal’ Revlon, someone! It’s time to think inside the box and what should be inside of it! I’ll thank you later!


About Judy Hansen

I have lived in many cities in the US and even lived in Calgary,Alberta Canada. But I always seem to end up where my life began in Toledo, Ohio. I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, sister, aunt, and I'll be your best friend!
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One Response to Hair Color + Eye Goggles

  1. Pj says:

    Just close your bloody eyes Judy. When rinsing clients or even my own colour out, I always tell folks to *”COVER YOUR EYES”*. Seriously, WHO keeps their eyes open when rinsing out ANYTHING that may come into contact w/their eyes!?!? 😐

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