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Politics and Celebrities

1st came Ronald Reagan, then along the way we have had celebrities like Sonny Bono, Clint Eastwood and so many more! They did well because they had Fame and Popularity! They had a multitude of venues in which to get their message … Continue reading

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Purple Rain

I thought I knew all the words to Purple Rain, but I didn’t! After hearing it played so much since Prince died, I thought why not put it in print! Do you know all the words? “Purple Rain” I never … Continue reading

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Seal the Super Bowl

I give you this gift before the Super Bowl so you don’t miss out on it. Come on it’s only 3 minutes out of your day. It will sure put a smile on your face. Now, are you glad you … Continue reading

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Don’t Lie To Me…Why?..You Lie To Me!

As parents, we teach our children to tell the truth, don’t lie! But as parents we lie to them every year. No Virginia, there is not a Santa Claus! Tooth Fairies don’t leave you money or take your teeth. How … Continue reading

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Mental Health, Guns, Mass Killings

Doesn’t anyone but me see what is happening to our world? Folks with mental illness are living on their own because the hospitals that helped them are closed. The NRA wants every Tom, Dick and Harry to own a firearm! … Continue reading

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The Book Thief

If you have not seen the movie The Book Thief, I would encourage you to see it. I have longed to see the movie and yesterday I did! See the link above that tells all about the movie and the … Continue reading

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