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Help Wanted

Help Wanted, Apply online!                                                                         … Continue reading

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Seal the Super Bowl

I give you this gift before the Super Bowl so you don’t miss out on it. Come on it’s only 3 minutes out of your day. It will sure put a smile on your face. Now, are you glad you … Continue reading

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Aqua Zumba

Aqua what you say, I say ZUMBA!!! Before I found this class at my local Fitness Club I thought I would do a Silver Sneakers class, but one look at the age of the folks in the class and what … Continue reading

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Saguaro Lake & The Desert Belle

Yesterday we finally went on a long over due ride on the Saguaro Lake! The Desert Belle was all it was talked up about as the views took my breath away, and the commentary by the Captain made the trip … Continue reading

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Shed Light on Curbing Power Outages?

Can Hurricane Sandy shed some light on the darkness that is keeping some on the east coast without power? Now folks are getting cranky about the fuel shortages and I can understand it! Motorists in 12 northern New Jersey counties … Continue reading

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Peyton Manning Tip of the Day!

Peyton Manning earns BIG BUCKS, so what is a normal tip from him, is not normal for the rest of us who don’t make Millions! Should the server who posted this receipt have been fired, YES, is my opinion! What … Continue reading

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