Ad after Ad on Tv Already

So this is only June and the ad I’m speaking of is political! Long way to go until November 7, 2017

Ohio Drug Price Relief Act will be on the 2017 ballot. It would require the state and its programs to pay no more for prescription drugs than what the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs negotiates.

It’s likely to be an expensive campaign for an off-year election.

“We believe we can raise the money to get our message out,” said Dennis Willard, spokesman for Ohio Taxpayers for Lower Drug Prices. “A ‘yes’ vote will mean lower taxes and lower drug prices for the sick and suffering and will teach greedy drug companies and CEOs a lesson.”

Boy does this hit close to home just now. I was given a script by my family Dr. and went to my Drug Store to get it. Turns out I had to say keep it! With Insurance a months supply was over $400.00! Holy SHIT! Just as that was happening to me, a older gentleman was at the Drive-thru window. They told him his co-pay was almost $500.00, he paid it and got the meds! Holy SHIT!

I hope this is a real deal and if approved by the voters will help us all! We can only hope! Not only is it a long way to Tipperary, it’s a long way to Nov. 7th!

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May Long Week-end?

Has Memorial Day Week-end lost it’s meaning? Some just think of it as the start of the unofficial summer vacation season! It’s sad that so many of our holidays have taken on a different meaning and purpose! I’m not going to list the other holidays as we all know what they are. This is just about this week-end and what it means to you and me! My Dad and Mom were married on this holiday, May 31, 1942 to be exact. But we still knew what the week-end was for! I’m set in my ways when it comes to these things, don’t mess with my holidays. And as an aside, don’t mess with the colors of my food!  Purple ketchup-NO, Pink butter-NO, white asparagus-NO, White Watermelon-NO, Rainbow Tomatoes-NO!

Memorial Day-2017

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Cinco de Mayo

Yes it is May 5th and therefore means it is Cinco de Mayo day! Most folks don’t even know the real meaning for this celebration, all it is to them is a reason to get drunk! The older I get the less use I have for all these holidays that are not celebrated for the reason they are meant for! So go ahead and taco your burrito with some salsa and black beans and dip it into some guacamole!

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Welcome to Toledo Signs

Ok here goes, I know that this topic is not high on anyone’s priority list. But it should be higher than it is. Everytime I come back into the city limits, I see a poor excuse for a Welcome to Toledo sign. Then I drive down Detroit Ave. with many boarded up houses and there are beautiful stone gardens that announce the streets, like, Delaware @Detroit. Maybe I should contact the Mayor (419-245-1001) and tell her my thoughts about this. Or, maybe I will contact the Division of Transportation, Sherri L. Frederick, Acting Commissioner 419-245-1300! I want every Welcome to Toledo sign to be the best sign it can be! First impressions are everything and our signs are just that. I’m proud to be a part of this city and would like everyone to have a good first impression of this city as well! I think the minimal cost would be well worth it!


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No on Kroger Move

The vote allows Kroger to proceed with its 2½-year-old plan to move across Secor Road from its current location at 4533 Monroe St. to property now owned by the Sisters of Notre Dame, in Toledo, Ohio! The vote was 10-2, with councilmen Peter Ujvagi and Sandy Spang against. To all those who voted yes, it is my hope the voters will NOT vote for you in the next election. I will work hard in my district to help defeat Lindsay Webb. She is not and never has been a good representative of the whole district. She cares more about where she lives in the Point Place area. She did nothing to help us with the Alexis-Telegraph area. But this is about Monroe St. and Secor Rd. and no amount of money is worth the damage that will be done by this move. Shame on you all for this vote, because you’ll never see my vote again!

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My Chart Support

I just had a thought about this app that I have. I can check out the results of a test without having to wait for the Doctor to tell me. So here is the question that floated into my head, what if the result was bad! Would they post it for you to see? I can just imagine sitting down to look at test results and learn you are dieing of whatever! I really do like this method of getting medical information for the routine stuff. I can look up everything I don’t understand and have a list of questions to ask my Doctor when I do see him. It saves time in the office as the Doctor doesn’t need to tell me what I already know! So we are back to the possible bad news results, is that really how I want to learn about it! Do you have chart support, do you like it? If you don’t have it, would you like to have it? This techno world is coming at us in warp speed, time to get on board and soar!

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Mar-a-Lago Winter White House

Almost every week-end since he has become President, he has upset the residents of Palm Beach, Florida!  “The Secret Service is no longer allowing residents of Algoma Road, Kings Road, and Woodbridge Road to access their residences from the south checkpoint (Southern Boulevard) and now must utilize the north checkpoint (South Ocean Boulevard).” According to CNN Politics it is not a good place to be these days! Speaking about Mar-a-Lago,  “If you are a member there, you aren’t going to take a negative position (on Trump), because you would soon be an ex-member,” said Jack McDonald, the former mayor of Palm Beach and a former member of the club. And over at the Airport, some pilots just aren’t understand that the air space has restrictions, just like the roads. I could go on and on about this topic, but I’m already bored, my Blood Pressure is rising, and I am about to puke! I’m just sayin………………!!!

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